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Values & Inspiration

I would like to share with you some of the values I stand for, what matters to me, what I am working on, and what I look for in others.

Curiosity:  thanks to being curious, one can build a life filled with memories, stories and relationships. It allows us to live with intention. There is always more we want to know, more we want to see. It gives us permission to wander and to wonder, to explore and to expand. When we are curious, we want to know that person and maybe discover that we have more in common than we´d ever thought we had, we want to live that experience to see what is going to happen. We allow life to unfold. When we are curious, we can dig deeper, drill deeper, go further. Curiosity draws on our face the smile of a child and lighten our heart. It light up the spark within and set us up for an adventure.

Courage: : it takes courage to be true and authentic, and to be vulnerable. It takes courage to go beyond our limitations, to step outside our comfort zones, to transform ourselves. There is no such pride, such reward than to do something that frightens us, to go where nothing is, to do what you have never done, to go where you have never been. Courage implies trust and surrender, knowing that the unknown will never let us down. Where there is courage, there is no room for victims, it shrinks the ego and makes us humble. Living our life fully and deeply requires courage.

Consistency: it s persevering instead of willing. It is taking one step further where we  would rather go backwards, it is keeping showing up where we would usually stop. Consistency is not beating on a wall, trying to transform it into a door, but it is to keep trying, finding options, looking at the solutions, opening  doors… there is always an open door, whether it s a loophole or a big gate.

Clarity: I´m doing my best to be clear, with every intention I set, each word I use, everywhere I place my attention, therefore my energy. Being clear is knowing what we want, what we stand for, then we can express it the right way and communicate better.

Choice: life is held together by choice. There is always a choice to make.


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