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Workshops & Events

EFT workshops:

You will learn how to tap, in order for you to take this practice home and to help you navigate through the landscape of your thoughts and emotions. 

Benefits : 

- it calms the nervous system

- 43% decrease in cortisol levels - the stress hormone -

- it releases endorphins, the body´s natural feel-good hormones, & increases the neurotransmitter Gaba, that is to say the gamma brain waves that are associated with coherent thought and balanced brain activity. 

-it creates space and allows the energy to flow again

-it creates safety for you to access part of your brain more in relation with solution finding and resourcefulness


Holding space for one another and opening the sacred portal of our heart, we will step into our soul space. 
We will work with a few different oracles and you will get to pick the one(s) you are more drawn to. 
The word ¨Oracle¨  comes from the Latin ¨ Orare ¨, which means to pray and to commune with the Divine. 
Rather than tools to predict the future, we will use the oracles as a way to mirror our inner guidance. Each card will connect you to your intuition and will allow you to hear the whispers of your soul

Women´s Circles & Oracle Reading :

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A path towards self acceptance

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Whenever women gather together, magic happens

Women Connect in Nature  :

 Walks and hikes with like-minded women in the coaching and therapeutic professions to open our senses and foster deeper connections. 

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All our wisdom is stored in the trees

Lisbon Therapists & Coaches Connect

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