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Claire has accompanied me on several occasions since 2019 on different subjects ( weight loss, anxiety, difficulty making choices, valuing myself ... ) and more recently to quit smoking after 25 years! Each session with Claire is a real moment for me and she knows each time with great mastery and benevolence how to detect the blocking points. I highly recommend her! 

Claire has a very gentle and soothing presence. She welcomes you with care and creates a safe space to help you process what is going on in your life. Her sessions help you to find peace and alignment. 

Claire is an extraordinary hypnotherapist who exudes a kind and warm spirit. She is extremely thoughtful, inhabiting a calm energy about her. I would recommend her wholeheartedly. She is really wonderful. 

Claire is extremely competent and knowledgable. I was burnt out and couldn´t find perspectives or solutions. I understood what was blocking me and had a real breakthrough. I´m highly grateful.

My two sessions with Claire were wonderful as she really took the care and time to listen and explore the root of my concern. I felt so relaxed and comfortable during and after the sessions. Grateful to have found her and the Lisbon Wellness. 

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