We don´t see things as they are, we see things as we are

Hypnotherapy sessions

  • One-on-one sessions in French, English or Spanish.

  • EFT / EMDR


  • Relaxation session

  • Healing session 


Life will bring you all the pain by istelf, your responsability is to create joy. 
Milton Erickson

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - Workshops 

  • A powerful stress relief tool. 

  • The workshops are designed to teach you the basics and benefits of this technique

Copia de EFT- Tapping Workshop .png

Even though I don´t know how to let
go, I love & I accept myself  

Cercle des Muses 

  • Gathering in sorority around tales, stories, poetry and philosophy

  • Bringing a gentle touch and some comfort to the world


Tenho em mim todos os sonhos do mundo, Fernando Pessoa


Cercle des Muses 2 2022.png

Although they are only breath, words that I command are immortal. Sappho

E urgente o amor, e urgente permancer


About Me

Hello, I´m Claire. Thank you for reading through my site,  I look forward to meeting you.

I´m a certified therapist and teacher who have lived internationally. I promote connection and authenticity through one-on-one sessions and workshops.

I´m passionate about the world of the subconscious, and I truly believe that we are much more than we think we are.

I live in Portugal, where I´m creating the ¨Cercle des Muses` and  Abrigo da Vida, both to resource, nurture and nourish ourselves.

Like the hummingbird who carries in its beak a tiny drop of water to put out the fire, I´m doing my best to humbly contribute to the healing of the world.


Schedule an appointment: +33 (0)6 38 71 39 53 o + 351 924 770 185

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