We don´t see things as they are, we see things as we are



Cercle des Muses

Hypnotherapy & Teaching

  • Hypnotherapy :  one-on-one sessions in French, English or Spanish.

  • Teaching : mindfulness & philosophy workshops

  • Gathering in sorority around tales, stories, poetry and philosophy

  • Bringing a gentle touch and some comfort to the world


Tenho em mim todos os sonhos do mundo, Fernando Pessoa


Although they are only breath, words that I command are immortal. Sappho


Abrigo Da Vida :

  • It is a shelter, a safe-haven from which everyone can enjoy a relaxing, restorative time in nature.

  • We welcome you in eco-friendly, high-quality wooden structures among trees and birds. Horses are a few steps away.

  • Nestled on the hills of Algarve, close to the seaside, it´s the perfect starting point to explore Portugal.

  • It is a family adventure based on honoring the values left by the ancestors. It is a place that displays kindness, respect and appreciation.

  • More than ever, we find important to resource ourselves safely and to focus on new ways of bringing people together


Go where there is no path and leave your own trail

E urgente o amor, e urgente permancer


About Me

Hello, I´m Claire. Thank you for reading through my site,  I look forward to meeting you.

I´m a certified therapist and teacher who has lived internationally. I promote connection and authenticity through sessions, workshops and retreats.

I´m passionate about the world of the subconscious, and I truly believe that we are much more than we think we are.

I would like to contribute with humility to more love and connection in our world. 

I live in Portugal, where I´m creating the ¨Cercle des Muses` and  Abrigo da Vida, both to resource, nurture and nourish ourselves.

Like the hummingbird who carries in its beak a tiny drop of water to put out the fire, I´m doing my best to humbly contribute to the healing of the world.

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