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12/12 :12 learnings, understandings or gifts - one for each month of the year -

Dernière mise à jour : 2 janv. 2020

1. The relationship you have with yourself is definitely the most important one. Let´s restore it and build an healthy one. We have been practicing harsh criticism and hard judgments for years, we probably master it very well .What if we start practicing self love instead, could we master it as well? Self love is like a soft embrace we give to ourselves. It s giving us time and space, it´s giving us praise and permission.

2. Setting boundaries is self love. Let´s be UNAPOLOGETIC with it. Unapologetic has won the price of my favorite word this year. The spiritual journey has nothing to do with being nice, or with pleasing others. It´s about having boundaries, honoring your space, your time, giving yourself respect for others to respect you. It s being assertive, it s saying No, or Stop, or both and that s ok. Wow, that one was a big one for me, definitely left some sweat, and lots of tears.

3. Forgiveness is self love as well. You do it for yourself and it frees you. It´s to stop judging the past and it´s allowing it to be finished. It´s moving to a greater level of consciousness. Personally, I love to repeat those Hoponopono´s powerful sentences:¨ I´m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank you ¨.

4. You don´t have to force anything. Whatever and whoever belongs in your life will find the way, come to you and will stay.No expression of love is never wasted. It recycles and circulates throughout the universe. By vibrating and emitting love, you will be met, maybe through another person, another time or another situation, but you will be met. Keep in mind that people can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves. Raise to the frequency of love as much and as often as possible. Be love… and express it.

5. Gratitude is the key, the core, the center and the heart. Gratitude is in the heart, it´s dropping head to heart, from the busyness of our mind, to the wisdom and peacefulness of our heart. It makes us humble.

Gratitude allows us to receive…

6. And Receivership is gracefulness. It´s this beautiful feminine energy that sparks and glows, and that needs to be expressed. Receiving is accepting what´s already been given, and it s nurturing it. It is letting things happen.

7. Let go is the master word. It should be underlined or tattooed somewhere for us to always remember it. Letting go of the past that has happened already and of the future that is yet to happen… Letting go of your attachements, your fears and your doubts. Doubts make you old whereas faith keeps you young. We can only doubt our certainties because certainties are dangerous.

8. Failure is success turned upside down. You can always change the narrative, change the story, therefore the reality. The thoughts we think, the words we say matter. Let´s choose good words, good thoughts for ourselves, we always get to choose. Let´s tell ourselves better stories. The mind believes everything you tell it.

9 You need discipline between you and your goals, rituals that centers you, habits that carry you along the way and hold you to your promises. Healing is a practice, change and transformation are a practice. Persevere, always...

10. Trust life and Surrender. Allow life to unfold, to surprise you and to give you gifts. The Universe is a friendly place. We are highly protected and deeply supported. What a beautiful realization.

11 Trust life... and trust Yourself. You are the only to know your story with its details, its blacks and whites, gradation of colors and nuances. Follow your intuition, not someones else´s intuition. Dont let anyone in too much, without protection. You are the only person to know what you need, where you belong and what truly matters.

12. Honor your ancestors, respect their memories, love your grandmas. They carry wisdom in their cells and pass it along to you. They would like you to have fun. Life is not that serious anyway .

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